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Query: Why would students entering a degree program choose astrology as a major, and why would those same students choose to study astrology within an academic degree program rather than to study practical astrology in a group with a single teacher or in a non-degree-granting program?

I am an MA student at U. Wales, Trinity St. David and this is the topic of my research project for the term. I am interested in in the responses of any Kepler College students, whether you completed a degree, or took only one class. Your participation is confidential, responses will be stored and tabulated without any contact information attached. If you have any questions or would like to participate in an interview, email or call me at 206-459-6963.

What is your association with Kepler College?

Your gender?

What was your age at the beginning of your enrollment?

Please list the ways you studied practical astrology before enrolling at Kepler College

How did you learn of Kepler College?

What was your marital status at the time of enrollment?

Why did you enroll in Kepler College?

What was your annual household income when you enrolled

If you completed or are completing your degree, did the program meet your expectations? In what way?

If you did not complete your degree, did the program meet your expectations? In what way?

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